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LENA Conference 2015: Parents Have the Power!

LENA Conference 2015 brings together experts in brain science, intervention, behavioral psychology, and economic and public health policy to discuss the most innovative options for closing academic and achievement gaps, starting right from birth.

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Nurturing minds,
changing lives

A baby’s brain grows to 80 percent of its adult size in the first three years, and during that time parent talk is the most crucial element for building neural connections. With LENA, you can be sure you are providing the vital exposure to language that sets your child up for a lifetime of learning and success.

Huntsville City Schools adopts LENA Start™!

Huntsville is the first school district to implement the LENA Start™ model to help parents bridge the talk gap and improve the home language environment for children 0-30 months. LENA Start reaches parents effectively, with a model that’s scalable and measurable.

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