We’re familiar with the challenges you face as a graduate student attempting to generate distinctive research with limited resources. It takes time and funding to gather, process, and analyze data and then write up results and observations. If you lack either or both, you might not be able to obtain ample data—or ample unique data—to generate the research that you need to stand out in your field.

The LENA Pro – Graduate Student Version lets you leverage LENA Pro technology to obtain the information you need to help distinguish your dissertation, thesis, or research work. You can quickly and easily gather abundant data from a child’s natural language environment—whether at home, in preschool, or at a therapy session—freeing up more time for analysis and writing.

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“I am an audiologist researching the use of FM systems with preschool-aged children who are hard of hearing. Enabling me to incorporate advanced analysis into my study, the LENA Pro - Graduate Student Version has proven to be an invaluable tool that has provided reliable language measures and in-depth language and environment analysis on my research participants. For a Ph.D. study it would not have been feasible to employ the professionals who would have been required to gather such data; even if it had been practical, the professionals would not have been able to obtain the type of information accessible through LENA—unique, high-quality data available quickly and with limited resources.”

— Imran Mulla, a Ph.D. candidate in the Human Communication and Deafness Department at the University of Manchester