Automatic Language Assessment in Three Easy Steps

Step One
Turn on the DLP and place it in the pocket of the child’s LENA clothing at the beginning of the recording session.
Step Two
At the end of the recording session, plug the LENA DLP into your computer. The software automatically uploads and processes the audio file.
Step Three
The sophisticated language environment analysis software processes the audio file and generates the LENA Reports, automatic assessments of expressive language development, and other analyses.


was specifically designed for researchers, speech language pathologists, audiologists, and pediatricians. LENA allows you to easily collect, process, and analyze language environment and development data for children ages 2 to 48 months.

With LENA, you can:

  • Record up to 16 hours of continuous speech data
  • Collect and manage multiple recordings from a variety of clients or groups
  • Process up to 120 audio files per month
  • View reports in 5-minute, hourly, daily, or monthly time frames
  • Listen to and view audio files
  • Mark, organize and find specific audio segments easily and efficiently
  • Add research or clinician notes and comments
  • Export data and audio
  • Conduct your own advanced analysis using our data mining tool – ADEX

The LENA System’s Key Components:

Digital Language Processor (DLP)

The Digital Language Processor (DLP)The LENA Digital Language Processor (DLP) weighs just 2 ounces and captures up to 16 hours of audio. The DLP incorporates a powerful microprocessor with advanced compression and audio components similar to hearing aids costing over $1000.

Specially designed children’s clothing with a pocket to hold the DLP

Specially designed children’s clothing with a pocket to hold the DLPThe LENA DLP fits snugly and unobtrusively into a high-tech pouch hidden in the front chest pocket. The pouch is specifically designed for optimal acoustic quality and the child’s comfort. Choose from a wide array of fun and fashionable styles and colors.

LENA software screenshot

LENA software processes the audio recording from the DLP to provide reports and data for analysisThe LENA software automatically analyzes and segments the audio data, providing you with several core reports. In addition, export features and a sophisticated data mining tool allow you to customize your analysis down to the millisecond – with ease.